Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for a scholarship?

Please visit our Apply page to view and download the application(s). The deadline will be March 11, 2019 this year.


Do I need an essay to apply?

Yes, every application requires an essay. Each essay question is different, so be sure to read each and every application for the scholarships.

Do I need to send transcripts?

Yes, every application requires official transcripts. However, if you are applying for multiple scholarships, you only need to send one set of transcripts with your applications.

What happens after I apply?

After the deadline, the SSF committee will review each and every application. If you are being considered, you will be called to come in for an interview. 

Where and when are the interviews held?

Typically, we hold the interviews in the evening during one week in April, either at SHS or at the Brick School in Amherst. We work around each student's schedule, as we know students are busy with school, work, and athletics.

How much are the scholarships for?

The scholarships vary every year, depending on the amount of money raised by the SSF or the amount designated in the memorial funds. Typically in the past, they've ranged between $500 and $1000.